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Zarobljena država izgleda otprilike ovako. Štand @mts u zgradi opštine Zemun, u prostoriji gde su šalteri👇🏻”Raskid sa SBB-om? Moguće je!!!” @mojsbb https://t.co/bCrqTrCzKT
If you think Dutch are against enlargement, think again. 45% of the population are for future EU membership of the #WB6 a minority of 34% oppose it. 🇳🇱 🇪🇺 Our report JUST OUT https://t.co/GUIONdY4LO https://t.co/Q9EruI3ply
Evo ko je našao dodatno uhljebljenje na RT Srbija https://t.co/yvUMuz9S13
Mislim da Gujon nije pozvan da nekom drži lekcije o rasizmu.

Evo šta je rekao kad je bio kratkotrajni predsednički kandidat ekstremista Identitaraca: “ja sam Evropljanin zato što je moja prva zastava moja boja kože, i ako mogu da mi je zameraju nikad ne mogu da mi je uzmu” https://t.co/6oOJ6hIJ1r https://t.co/9UhImXrL6D
Wanna know how Moscow perceives Vučić, how will Putin react if Serbia introduces sanctions to Russia, on the future of this bloody war and a likelihood of a blowback in Russia, listen to my interview with @SamorukovM our visiting fellow with the 🇺🇦 🇷🇺 🇧🇾 hub @bezbednost_org https://t.co/ot7gTZAr8D
Albin Kurti is on a good path of becoming the biggest ally of Vučić’s regime in Serbia. Without any effort nor merit Vučić seems a constructive party in the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue.
Yet another step towards Serbia’s “alignment” with the EU policies towards Russia 🤡 instead of introducing sanctions to Russia, RT in Serbian to open soon👇🏻plus nepotism, the daughter of the editor in chief of Sputnik Serbia to lead RT Serbia

Vučić is yet again targeting Kosovo Serbs. In the past he launched a campaign against Oliver Ivanovic (see the video👇🏻) that resulted in Ivanovic’s murder in January 2018. Vučić’s entire party joined president’s disgusting ranting slur pronounced last night. https://t.co/7DtSofldUd https://t.co/ym1khtWpFC
Interview with great intellectual professor Tibor Varadi in @NedeljnikNIN 🧵

Varadi was a minister of justice in the Yugoslav federal government of Milan Panić in 1992. In 1992 Serbia had presidential elections and Panić challenged Milošević/1 https://t.co/MShy6TzVZC
A dangerous precedent👇🏻
Yet another SLAP against @KRIKrs @StevanOCCRP

Unlike the Serbian government, during the @B_S_C_org we took a stand. For freedom, democracy, territorial integrity of states, against Putin’s aggression, dictatorship and imperialism👇🏻@bezbednost_org https://t.co/Qr5gWHP4xz
Nationalism is the last refuge of a scoundrel https://t.co/SGHfK5z09n
In the new episode of @bezbednost_org Lighthouse @MNakhavali explains why is 🇷🇸 Iran’s ally in the WB, why is 🇦🇱 its adversary, how did 🇮🇷 role in the region from the 1990s to today change, about the protests in 🇮🇷 and its relations with 🇺🇸 🇷🇺 🇪🇺 https://t.co/Qm9CWjgcT0 https://t.co/D4O8qhqd1S
When asked to support Panić, Agani refused. He told Varadi it would be better for the Albanians if Milošević won. In case of Panić’s victory Albanians would get back their autonomy in Kosovo, cultural rights, but Kosovo would remain in Serbia/4 https://t.co/XlXS5RJfCH
If a Dutch person knows someone from the #WB6 and have had already travelled there they are much more likely to support the countries future EU membership. Tourism promotion campaign pays off, ask the Croatians #eNLargement https://t.co/9XlCbIJmg3
Captured state in Serbia. Telecom and cable provider MTS (regime controlled) installs stands in municipal buildings, asking people to switch from SBB (private provider also holding independent TV stations) to MTS. All municipalities in Serbia are run by the Vucic regime. https://t.co/csldwTazHG
After our @B_S_C_org and an amazingly informative panel on critical mineral extraction (see video👇🏻), geopolitics of it, and the overall blind spots of the Green transition, read @OliviaLazard in @Novimagazin In @bezbednost_org we’ll continue working on the topic! https://t.co/0QSJmEvRK3 https://t.co/RJJxaERo1Y
In less than 20 days @Clingendaelorg in The Hague we will be revealing to you what the Dutch think of EU enlargement to the Western Balkans, are they for or against and how deeply rooted is their scepticism. What do you think which group from the ones below is the largest?👇🏻
Please help rtw this to make it a little bit more than anecdotal, ahead of the presentation of our public opinion survey, focus groups and rite interview results on what the Dutch think of EU enlargement to the WB: what do you think the Dutch think? @d_part @BiEPAG @Balkan_Fund https://t.co/Ot0P7cbKeC
See you next year 11-13 October at the same place ➡️ Belgrade Security Conference 2023 #BSC2033 @B_S_C_org @bezbednost_org https://t.co/4SHdIfZNWe https://t.co/0nHKVWN4r4
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