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Serbian fans are not stopping. Singing a patriotic song "Tamo daleko" in front of the hotel where #Djokovic is at. https://t.co/tt3CQlkIXL
You follow the rules set by the authorities of the country. You fly across the world to then be told by the same people who approved your application that you can’t enter, while being isolated in a room. That’s not the way to treat anybody. Public humiliation. #Djokovic
#Kyrgios: Novak has reached out to me personally on IG saying “thank you for standing up for me”. I was not the one he was expecting to go out in the media and have his back. #Djokovic
Novak #Djokovic in Ostrog monastery, Montenegro. Beautiful nature and such a peaceful place. https://t.co/jvgl1av6o6
I get that #Djokovic is the biggest story, but how come everybody “missed” a player with symptoms being on the court and testing positive afterwards?
The Australian Lawyers' Alliance on #Djokovic: One of the most dangerous aspects of the Djokovic matter is the preparedness of the federal government to deem someone to be a risk to public order simply on the basis of what it perceives that person’s views might be. 1/2
Novak #Djokovic has NOT been allowed to enter Australia and most probably will not participate at the Australian Open.
#Kyrgios: On a human level, he needs support from other players. Tsitispas, I get you have your views on vaccination. Murray, we can always count to say the right thing, Nadal whatever... But bro, where is your support for the guy? #Djokovic #AusOpen
Đoković je dobio “ne”, a danas je dan da i mi damo jedno “ne”.
There has been a lot of messages of support for #Djokovic in Serbia, this one from a father of the little girl Novak helped: For my family and me, you’re an angel walking the Earth, I’m happy and proud to live in the same era as such a great human being and athlete. https://t.co/GQIyDY4cCz
I admit, I laughed 😃 https://t.co/dQUJ5nM09w
#Djokovic has been denied the request to spend his quarantine period in a rented apartment where his team is at. Still doesn't have his wallet, and his belongings are at the airport. Some bugs in his room, also.
Some more footage of #Djokovic fans in Melbourne 👇 https://t.co/TrDy1uTxE3
Kecmanovic on #Djokovic: I haven’t talked to many players, but the ones I did talk to agree that this was nonsense that never should’ve happened. He was treated unjustly by politicians. Him not playing is a huge loss for the sport.
To be honest, whatever the outcome, I don't feel it's safe for #Djokovic to play #AusOpen.
Message for #Djokovic: “Come home, Nole, your people love you”. This is in the neighborhood where he has a place 👇🏻 https://t.co/vYuM1uwOBs
Judge Anthony Kelly quashes the decision to cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa!
There are other players there via exemption. Djokovic received an exemption following the rules set by Australia. If you’re angry, direct it towards those who came up with the rules.
Djokovic is currently isolated in a room, not allowed to use his mobile phone.
Is there an Australian politician who hasn't yet used the #Djokovic situation to score some cheap political points? 😀
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