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Što napisa neko kod nas u komentarima: “Bio je i Čavić ispred Felpsa, pa šta sad” 😂
Smešni ste svi koji pljujete Ronalda. Čoveku poništen čist gol za pobedu u 93. minutu, sasvim je razumljivo da je popizdeo. Onda u afektu napravio baš buđav potez, ali jebi ga.
Novak Djokovic documentary to premiere in August in New York!

@DjokerNole: Depending on the restrictions at that time, there is either going to be a live or a virtual event.


#Djokovic: I don't know the way Nadal thinks, but it's his right to voice an opinion: how he sees me in regards to records etc. Personally, I don't feel that I'm obsessed with anything in life; what I feel is passion and huge desire.

Full quotes coming up soon at @Tennis_Majors.
#Novak: I am going towards achieving my goals and I have never had a problem verbalizing it.

...I do not know why would that be a bad thing.

Djokovic responds to #Nadal: “I am not obsessed with anything in life” https://t.co/9DRgqzE0V7
Novak on his father’s interviews: I love him, he is the great support of mine. I can’t control what he says, everyone has a right to speak their mind, but I don’t always agree with everything he says. He is passionate and wants to protect me, of course I stand by him.
Nadal: I hope this match was an isolated case and that my level will be higher in Barcelona. I am going to practice snd to try to improve. There is no other way, I have an important month coming up.
I asked #Rafa to comment on #Novak breaking the record for the most weeks at no. 1 and what does it mean for the history of tennis. Here is Rafa’s answer 👇🏻 https://t.co/gOn2IAeqHJ
Djokovic practiced today. As you can see, far from ideal weather in Belgrade, it’s more like November. https://t.co/m407mR7aVx
Stanite, ljudi, je l' moguće da je sasvim realno da će dečko iz Srbije biti MVP NBA lige? Na kom nivou u kontinuitetu igra Jokić, to je nestvarno.
Djordje Djokovic, Serbian Open director, says that Belgrade is aiming for a Series 500 tournament starting 2022.

No need to say that I would love that. 🎾🇷🇸
Djokovic: Congratulations to him, he was the better player. Probably one of worst performances from my side in the last few years. I felt awful on the court. I should have done much better, no positives from this match. Feels bitter leaving the court like this.
Djokovic says he is excited for tennis spring in Serbia (ATP and WTA, challengers too), not just this season, but in the coming years as well. https://t.co/rWYEhTZai3
Surely shot of the day from Novak. 👇🏻 https://t.co/YuZftffWYI
Rublev: Rafa is the best player on clay in history, so this is one of the best wins of my career. On the other side, I know Rafa did not play good (for his standards). It is amazing how he handles pressure.
At the moment, it looks like Djokovic will be skipping Madrid this year, not 100% yet. He will play in Rome though.

Novak won in Madrid in 2019 meaning he gets to hold on to 500 points.
#Nadal to @BellshawGeorge: I want to win more Slams, yes. No doubt about that. But I never get – I mean, Novak is more obsessed about this, more focused…Not in a negative way. No, he’s more focused on just these things and it means a lot to him all of this stuff. #Djokovic
No crowd this year, but at least Duci’s dog got his credentials! @Dutzee 😂😂 https://t.co/WIH2u1oEkm
Nadal: When you play a great like player like him and you don’t play well, you lose. For some reason, I was having problems with my serve. Serve was a disaster and that impacts the rest of the game, and takes the focus away.
Nadal said that he did have enough strength in the third set, that was not an issue.

Also, says that conditions suited Rublev better, and that “hand on heart, I felt good enough to win this tournament”, but now goes back to work.

“No drama, I will be better, I expect to be”.
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