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Shapovalov: I’d be happy if Novak can be my mentor, that means he stopped playing (laughing). He told me a few words in the locker room, and he doesn’t have to do that, it means a lot to me, it is big for me. #Wimbledon
Novak Djokovic now has more #Wimbledon titles than Bjorn Borg. Let that sink in.
Novak: I hope that I will have the stadium on my side. Every player hopes for that, it’s a big difference having the crowd behind you or against you. Hopefully, people can recognize the importance of this match for me, but I am prepared for anything, I’ll focus on myself.
That was some GOAT stuff right there. #Wimbledon
#Djokovic: It is not something that the people do not see. It is a fact that I play 90 percent of my matches, if not even more than that, against the opponent, but against the stadium as well.
Djokovic: Age is just a number, I don’t feel old. I feel that I am as complete a player as I have ever been. #Wimbledon
Djokovic confirms that he swapped shirts with Dellien in the locker room: He said some really nice things to me at the net. #Tokyo2020
At some point in his career, Novak was 6-7 in Slam finals, he is 20-10 now. #Wimbledon
Ivanisevic: I strongly believe that he will win US open. If he does, the story is over. #Wimbledon
Djokovic on Olympics: I can’t even have a stringer, lot of restrictions. I will have to think about it. Plan was always to go, but now it’s 50-50.
Novak: I am very motivated to play in the Olympics and to fight for a medal. Representing my country is the highest honour for me. #Wimbledon
Djokovic: Age is just a number, that’s my approach. It’s all about perception, mind over matter for a lot of things. I take care of my health, I recover fast and I hope to perform at this level for many years. #Wimbledon
I don’t think it’s unfair to say that Novak wasn’t at his best this tournament, but still won with two sets lost. Floor level the highest ever. #Wimbledon
Ivanisevic: With Novak, it’s like in the movies, you have to kill him 27 times to win. He keeps getting up. #Wimbledon
I’m not at #Tokyo2020, but I am sure Djokovic wasn’t asked about Biles at all and that Simone’s names wasn’t even mentioned in the presser. If so, this is a shameful title and bad journalism. https://t.co/6nrMuTSTBf
🇷🇸 two medals on the first day of #Tokyo2020!

Damir Mikec - 🥈 (shooting)
Tijana Bogdanović - 🥉(taekwondo)

Idemo! #TeamSerbia
Djokovic: From 15 years ago to today, I’ve improved in every aspect of the game, and the mental side as well. Highlight of my improvement is ability to cope with pressure. #Wimbledon
Some really nice words from Shapo on Djokovic talking to him in the locker room. “He told me it would come, he knows how I feel”. #Wimbledon
Djokovic: I’ve met Blanka Vlašić recently and she told me that in the future people won’t remember the conditions or whether there were people in the stands, but who has won medals. Representing your country at the Olympics is a feeling like no other. #Tokyo2020
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