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@SamRamani2 Now whoever in Ukraine starts complaining about blackouts will be labeled as a Russian agent. The Kremlin is doing its best to help Zelensky stay in power, and at the same time to undermine Russian positions not just in Ukraine, but in the global arena as well.
@SamRamani2 I predict that "religious" wars could break out in Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan.
Russia's investment in the US government securities in September amounted to $2.015 billion, the US Treasury said.

But remember: According to the Kremlin's narrative, Russia is at war with NATO. This investment is part of Putin's cunning plan that we, mortals, cannot understand. https://t.co/gKNPfabL0d
🔳Russia's embarrassment in Ukraine🔳

Chronological order:

▪️ Withdrawal from Hostomel Airport

▪️ Withdrawal from Kyiv

▪️ Withdrawal from Sumy

▪️ Withdrawal from Chernihiv

▪️ Saratov large landing ship

▪️ Warship Moskva

Following 🇷🇺 withdrawal from Kherson, the London Metal Exchange said it will not ban Russian metal from being traded and stored in its system. Also, the Dutch government said it would release a consignment of 20,000 tonnes of Russian fertilizer that had been stuck in Rotterdam.
From the Russian perspective, Kherson is the subject of the Russian Federation. If the Kremlin can order its troops to leave the city, what prevents Moscow from doing the same thing in the Donbass, Zaporizhzhia, and finally in Crimea?
“In the long-term, unless it completely changes its foreign policy course, Russia risks losing Kazakhstan as an ally.”

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Russian soldiers are dying so that Dmitry Mazepin and other Putin's oligarchs can continue exporting ammonia through Ukrainian territory.

Ammonia deal über alles! https://t.co/Zvfgu5xN1N
Knowing the Kremlin's modus operandi, I will not be surprised if Moscow eventually decides to start providing its dear European partners with oil free of charge. What a goodwill gesture that would be! https://t.co/ecN0NRxVqn
"It might take a while before Azerbaijan starts playing a more important role in Serbian energy policy, which seems to be the major driver of Belgrade’s cooperation with Baku."

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Russia is expected to start evacuating people living in the town of Khakovka in the Kherson region.

Waiting for another Russian “strategic regrouping” also known as “heroic retreat”. https://t.co/YQ8xwBUacI
Kyrgyzstan is seen as Russia's most loyal ally in Central Asia. It is a member of the Russia-led Collective Security Treaty Organization and the Eurasian Economic Union.

Тhis is undoubtedly another Putin's "geopolitical victory". https://t.co/U6jmUIht6P
In order to get the green light from its dear Ukrainian partners to resume ammonia exports via the Tolyatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline, the Kremlin will have to guarantee the safety of Turkish ships. https://t.co/MQxBTtxb6Z
"Coincidentally or not, the countries that Russia will send its grain to for free – Mali, Djibouti, Sudan and Somalia – are the very places where Turkey has been trying to increase its influence."

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"Given that Moscow continues playing the game according to Western rules, the United States and its allies would not give up their current geopolitical course, which means the Ukraine conflict won't get resolved soon."

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@SamRamani2 Most of them would support such actions. It's a matter of time before Ukraine strikes both military and civilian targets deeper into Russian territory.
Putin again has to justify his actions to his dear Western partners.

In the global hierarchy, Putin seems to be way below Scholz. https://t.co/Za6JvWnbO4
@SamRamani2 What's the news here? Ukraine's been striking both military and civilian targets in Russia for months.
@MajjjjaMajjjja Јесу луђи. У сваком погледу.
@prvokanselovani Ако се у Русији на сличним позицијама налазе неупоредиво гори кадрови, зашто очекивати да ће њихова експозитура у Србији запошљавати људе од интегритета?
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