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Whistleblower exposes the 1999 Račak Massacre et all.

Jan. 15, 1999 was the day William Walker sold the world the story of a massacre, used to create a climate to justify the bombing of Yugoslavia.

A Former OSCE Spokesperson Beatrice Burns, exposes this fraud.
1/16 https://t.co/hW8G4aGGLP
@Bodljikava @suljagicemir1 @SrebrenicaMC @HolocaustMuseum Here's the final straw that broke the camels back. Izetbegović orders a murderous assault on a defenseless Serbian village called Visnjica from the so-called demilitarized zone of Srebrenica.

The trap was now set for the political fraud to come.

https://t.co/RMzLcwCsqt https://t.co/Gyqd5Sk7ZA
Here's a thread about the the shameful use of underage boys who were burried at the Srebrenica memorial and presented as inncoent civillians. Here are some boys captured and released by the Bosnian Serb army in '94, only to be used a year later for this political fraud. https://t.co/LO0FatNtcH https://t.co/mxHs7arAsF
🇷🇸 is a country at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe. The 🇷🇸 Kingdom first obtained recognition by the Holy See and Constantinople in 1217. Today, 🇷🇸 is a developing country, with an upper-middle income economy. It provides universal health care to its citizens. https://t.co/NkTeUlPcRk
Thread: @DorinAlexander

The Swiss police imprisoned me, put me in solitary confinement for exposing the political fraud known as the Srebrenica Massacre.

1/6 https://t.co/KGOvall4qY https://t.co/om2dQkTrfI
Sarajevo, Serbinfrei
👇 https://t.co/zI6YvxeXAw
Flashback Kosovo June 2000.

Two Serbs were killed and a third seriously injured when their van hit an antitank mine near Priština placed by KLA terrorists under NATOs watch.
Thaçi, a former KLA Leader turned President, who's now in the Hague for war crimes, makes a statement... https://t.co/wawDOaUPJd
The Shqiptarë extremists who used violence to get their way, stole the common property of the SFY, and have expelled over 200,000 Serbs from Kosovo in 1999, now have three periods to say:

The Shqiptarë doctrine of deception...
1/2 https://t.co/It3w6yKmmS https://t.co/DI69WNHAE7
The sacred Serbian Monastery Dečani, still requires road blocks and 24/7 protection against Gheg Albanian chauvanists and extremists to this day. https://t.co/bp7OEBQ4hB https://t.co/13kwBLLi5r
Quote: "RBiH Army Corps commanders are being brought to justice for one grenade fired and one person killed, and no one has been held accountable for the more than 11,000 children killed in Sarajevo, etc, etc...

One grenade fired and one killed...🤦‍♂️

https://t.co/FHgIPprcmN https://t.co/pQb8YZzpLO
@mita0018 Here's the culprit Frane Golem, who had presented those dead Serb civillians you shared as Croatians. https://t.co/kVVshqPSsK
Ratko Mladić, the Serb defender who was dubbed the 'epitome of evil' by western stenographers, had a daughter who allegedly died in shame...🤔



https://t.co/WjX55yr9xf https://t.co/xbTpO5plDK
Another Serb arrested...
It is now clear why Albin Kurti in Brussels did not want to agree with the EU's proposal that both sides refrain from actions that could cause destabilization on the ground, because everything Pristina is doing is intended to cause destabilization in KiM. https://t.co/hgFXCplJm2

The former Senate President of Haiti, Bernard Sansaricq, went on the record to testify against Bill and Hillary Clinton: 'They Raped and Pillaged Haiti'

Watch how quickly FoxNews tries to rap him up after the truth comes out... https://t.co/6JqQu9gCQG https://t.co/gCRXVKogVU
19 more bodies have arrived to commemorate this political fraud known as the Srebrenica massacre. Where did these 19 bodies come from CNN, and why did it take 26 years to bury them? https://t.co/NyvXvRva9D
"America had earlier wanted to support Croatia in the action, but could not manage to provide the circumstances, environment and something as an excuse".
~David Halberstam - The Pulitzer Prize winner who was killed in a car accident shortly after exposing Srebrenica & Storm. https://t.co/MQ8FYmR4Df https://t.co/9qGGqrs6L8
The first question patriots of truth should ask themselves is why our leaders lied about Kosovo in the past — and why they continue to lie about it today?




https://t.co/Rq1mbSYVFg https://t.co/ngnayZB21c
2. Beatrice, who was hand picked by William Walker, came to Kosovo to help defend the KLA terrorists and their sponsors with this fabricated story. The Yugoslav government denied these allegations and even the French Ambassador Gabriel Keller, new the truth all along. https://t.co/8jLCLK9LQW
Here's the Soros funded puppet who's entire role consists of demonizing the Serbian people across former Yugo for years. Advising RS to withdraw their recent "Expert Independent Commision" which unequivocally proves Srebrenica was a political fraud, demonstrates her true colors. https://t.co/kg5s7Tg764
7. Remember when NATO country officials confirmed the Albanian KLA separtists were terrorists before the illegal bombing of Yugoslavia?
https://t.co/PeMbOaGL8o… Robert Gelbard US Special Envoy https://t.co/Rbr3MCzUb6… George Robertson UK Defence Sec. https://t.co/lkF11UIhXY https://t.co/g9ETB51g10
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