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Since there is so much talk in the #west about "unprecedented" #Russian #bombing of #Ukrainian infrastructure let's recall how #NATO conducted it's "special Military Operation" in #Yugoslavia 1999 ... ⬇️ https://t.co/KgV2EVN49S
On the possible supply of #Iranian ballistic missiles to #Russia (by @rybar_en )

According to open sources, #Tehran considered the supply of two types of complexes - Fateh-110 and Zulfikar.

1/ https://t.co/liaGzLQKyG
@vonderleyen Really? Care to comment on this in light of what u just said ... hypocricy?
@arvind_sista @jt22145225 @WeAreTennis He is scared. He was a calculant most of his career and he is trying to find a way to get upper hand in H2H vs the GOAT by choosing only clay tournaments. His handlers are anyway rigging schedules for ages , first for Federer, now for new cash cow, the Dull. Establishment.
While being banned of more than half of the Tour from the crooked tennis establishment in the former British colonies ... https://t.co/Ll4uYbursF
Speaking of fighting while blindfolded with one hand tied behind the back, and u still beat the protected opponent 🤣🤣🤣🐐🎯🇷🇸💪
#tennis #GOAT #NovakDjokovic https://t.co/jNrAlWxntf
@CrazySerb_ "Condemning capitalist Russia's invasion of Ukraine is combined with condemning the US-NATO-EU war crimes against the peoples of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya. Peoples should not choose an imperialist."
@pavyg @atptour But how else could Tennis establishment filter undesired players and in the same process pretend that all is good and democratic and within Tennis player community.
1. establishment paid goons aka Tennis "writers" Accociation does the filtering
2. Players choose among filtered
@pavyg @atptour They basically copy pasted the western type "democratic" political election system where you always pick amongst filtered and cleared (by whom?) parties/politicians. Almost always forced to choose between two or more "evils". Hence I don't go at elections for decade and more.
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