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ROI PEREZ (Ostgut Ton)

Roi Perez is a DJ and music enthusiast. In 2011 the native Israeli started playing records in Tel Aviv’s underground queer clubbing scene. Upon his move to Germany’s capital Berlin in 2013 he continued his personal journey of establishing a coherent, creative and consistent musical language, constantly refining his skills, style and knowledge until the present day. Roi soon started playing Berlin’s busiest dancefloors – including Berghain’s Panorama Bar, where he holds a residency – and has since been playing worldwide.
Psi vole da žive u zajednici (Pups like to live in packs), vole da jedu zajedno i da plaču zajedno. Mogu da vam se učine strašnim ali to je zato što im se oči ne vide od suza. Da li vama prijatelji pomažu?

'' Ujutru, kada krenem na posao, pola sata provedem tražeći ključ od ogrlice. Zbog posla moram da je skidam, ljudima nekada nije jasno zašto imam ogrlicu i katanac oko vrata, pa moram da im objašnjavam i to oduzima moje vreme. Ne smem da izgubim ključ treba mi kutija za lakši dan. 
Vikendom nemam taj problem, tada mogu, sa svoja dva druga, da ne razmišljam o traženju ključa. Zbog toga volim vikend, a i zbog toga što možemo da trčimo po parku i igramo dok slušamo Ali, Vemić i Roi Perez.

MRAK lost the key of the collar

Pups like to live in packs, they like to eat together and cry together. They may seem scary but that is because you can't see their eyes behind the tears. Do your friends help you?

In the morning when I go to work, I spend half  an hour on finding the key for my collar. At work I have to take it off, because sometimes people are confused as to why I have a collar around my neck, so I have to explain it to them and that takes up my time. I can't lose my key, I need a box to have an easier day.
During the weekend I don't have that problem, that's the time which I am spending with my two friends and I am not thinking about finding the key.
That's why I love weekends, because we can play in the park and listen to Ali, Vemic and Roi Perez.

MRAK lost the key of the collar