Mesic hissed down

Blic - 06.08.2005

According to the highest Croatian officials 'Oluja' action was legitimate, justified and 'pure as tear'. This is the most frequently sent message from the central celebration of the Day of victory and homeland thanksgiving and the 10th anniversary of 'Oluja' military operation.

Serbs in sorrow, Croatia celebrates

Blic - 05.08.2005

The 10th anniversary of 'Oluja' was marked in Belgrade yesterday by a protest walk of expelled Serbs in front of Croatia Embassy, memorial service at St. Marko Church and a program at Nikola Pasic Square. About hundred of Serbs expelled from Krajina in Croatia yesterday gathered in front of Croatia ...

Serbia President: Premeditated killing

Blic - 05.08.2005

Serbia President Boris Tadic said that 10 years ago 'an organized crime of premeditated killing' had occurred. 'Ten years after 'Oluja' action Croatia is celebrating, while Serbs are in sorrow. It was an organized crime and that fact cannot be neglected.

Croatia has committed genocide against Serbs

Blic - 04.08.2005

'Croatia has committed genocide against Serb. That is why Croatia Prime Minister and President, Ivo Sanader and Stjepan Mesic should be ashamed of their statements that Croatia is proud of 'Oluja' military action and that that action was brilliant.

Cancellation by Croatia Radio and Television to Serbia

Blic - 04.08.2005

HRT /Croatia Radio and Television/ has cancelled interview with Serbia President Boris Tadic in Belgrade about the 10th anniversary of 'Oluja' military operation. As 'Blic' was informed by Serbia President's cabinet the plan was that the Presidents of Serbia and Croatia, Boris Tadic and Stjepan ...

Air strikes on women and children

Blic - 03.08.2005

Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of the ethnic cleansing in which during 'Oluja' military operation by Croatian Army, during several hours only almost 270,000 Serbs were expelled from their homes in Dalmatia, Lika, Banija and Kordun. Almost 80 percents of their homes were robbed, burnt or destroyed.

Facts about the crime

Blic - 03.08.2005

Serbia President Boris Tadic called with full moral grounds the leading officials of Croatia to condemn 'Oluja' military operation. Croatia Prime Minister Ivo Sanader replied: 'Croatia is proud of 'Oluja' operation'. The facts regarding that operation are very well known.

Croatia proud of 'Oluja'

Blic - 02.08.2005

Croatia Prime Minister Ivo Sanader said that 'Croatia is proud of 'Oluja' military action' and that 'one should not be upset over the statement given by Serbia President Boris Tadic' and finally that 'the reasons for such statement should be looked for on the home political scene'.

Condemn 'Oluja'

Blic - 01.08.2005

Serbia President Boris Tadic called once again authorities in Croatia to express their stance towards crime committed against Serbs in 'Oluja' /'Storm'/ military action in 1995. 'The fact that during only a couple of days 250,000 Serbs were expelled from Croatia cannot be called an incident, but an ...