Army under control of the Government and not the President

Blic - 29.09.2001

Belgrade - Yugoslav Foreign Minister Goran Svilanovic said yesterday that FR Yugoslavia was approaching to joining program Partnership for peace. He confirmed that this issue had been discussed at the latest session of the Supreme Council of Defense.

No discussions without federal bodies

Blic - 28.09.2001

Belgrade - 'Negotiations about the future of FR Yugoslavia cannot be held without participation of representatives of federal power because of federal Constitution, because Yugoslavia does exist, and because of platform accepted by Serbian Government, DOS and 'Together for Yugoslavia' coalition', ...

It is necessary to change those that lead negotiations

Blic - 28.09.2001

Belgrade - 'So far failure of talks on redefinition of relations in the federation is a consequence of approach that is not sincere. A good remedy for unsuccessful talks is to change those that lead the talks', Yugoslav Interior Minister Zoran Zivkovic said.

DOS decides soon about negotiations between two Governments

Blic - 26.09.2001

Belgrade - 'Montenegrin Prime Minister Filip Vujanovic sent me several initiatives for beginning of talks between the Governments of Serbia and Montenegro about the future of federation. I refused all of them so as not to diminish the importance of initiative undertaken by Yugoslav President ...

Kostunica has no right to stop talks about Yugoslavia

Blic - 26.09.2001

Podgorica - 'Kostunica has no right to stop talks between Montenegro and Serbia. He has no right to dictate either to Serbia or Montenegro what their legitimate authorities will do. He has no right to destabilize situation in both Republics', Miodrag Vukovic, advisor to Montenegrin President said ...

Negotiations should not be given up

Blic - 26.09.2001

Belgrade - Leaders of political parties in Serbia yesterday condemned giving up negotiations about the future of Yugoslavia. 'That is too bad, but nevertheless, I believe that talks are going to be held soon', Momcilo Perisic, PDS leader said for 'Blic' daily.

Negotiations between political blocs and not governments

Blic - 25.09.2001

Belgrade - 'Political blocs and not representatives of power should take part in discussions about future of federation. There is no point in talking with Montenegrin Prime Minister Vujanovic if his Government can fall as soon as tomorrow if liberals happen not to like the course of the talks', ...

Yugoslav Government is fiction

Blic - 24.09.2001

Belgrade - 'Those that criticize speed of reforms should say who in Serbia was more rapid in reforms than Serbian Government. What has President Kostunica been doing and what has he done rapidly? Is that commission for redefinition of relations within federation, or is it commission for ...

Djindjic is supporting Djukanovic

Blic - 24.09.2001

'We have not received any official proposal from DPS regarding formation of concentration Government and settlement of political crisis in Montenegro', Zoran Zizic, vice president of Socialist Peoples Party and also former federal Prime Minister said in his interview with 'Blic' daily.