Presentation of the new Constitution

Blic - 11.11.2006

The new Constitution of Serbia was yesterday presented to European Commission at the second plenary session of the improved permanent dialog between Serbia Government and EU in Belgrade. A representative of EC said that EU supported the new Constitution and calling of elections.

Analysts: Who got and who lost with elections in January

Blic - 11.11.2006

'This is a compromise that harmed nobody, including the international community. The West, G17 Plus and DS requested elections in December, while the socialists, radicals and DSS wanted them in spring next year. January is a compromise.

Tadic: I am starting campaign

Blic - 11.11.2006

Serbia President Boris Tadic yesterday called parliamentary elections for January 21, 2007. He also said that he would participate in election campaign even more actively than in case of presidential elections because he was not going to allow 'that political forces dragging Serbia into the past ...

Elections on January 21

Blic - 10.11.2006

Representatives of political parties yesterday agreed that parliamentary elections in Serbia would be held on January 21. Parliament session called for passing of the constitutional law should have begun at 14.00, however it began at 19.00 due to prolonged consultations at the Board for ...

Serbia at the door of constitutional crisis

Blic - 08.11.2006

New constitution of Serbia is to be proclaimed today at a special Parliament session. However, until yesterday evening, the parliamentary political parties failed to agree over passing of the constitutional law by which the new constitution would be brought to life.

Constitution first, date of elections second

Blic - 07.11.2006

The new Constitution of Serbia shall be proclaimed at tomorrow's special session of Serbia Parliament. However, constitutional law that is to define which and when elections will be called, shall have to wait for the agreement between the Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica and President Boris Tadic.

Constitutional law has to go together with the Constitution

Blic - 07.11.2006

'The Constitutional Law that brings in force the new Constitution of Serbia has to be passed at the same session of the Parliament at which the new constitution will be proclaimed. Everything else would be unexplainable and unconstitutional', Slobodan Vucetic, until recently president of the ...

Fleiner: Serbia Constitution shall have influence on

Blic - 06.11.2006

Member of Serbia State team for negotiations over future Kosovo status Thomas Fleiner told FoNet Agency that the new Constitution of Serbia would have influence on negotiations over future Kosovo status. 'The Government now has the clear stance and the constitutional mandate that Kosovo is treated ...

Big political parties still waiting, small ones in offensive

Blic - 06.11.2006

Although parliamentary elections are in sight, the biggest political parties in Serbia are yet to prepare themselves for the campaign. On the other hand, SPO, G17 Plus and LDP seem to be quite ready although according to polls, they shall have to reach the census first.

Kostunica with leaders of political parties about elections

Blic - 06.11.2006

Serbia Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica called for today meeting with leaders of all parliamentary political parties. Holding of elections will be the main topic on agenda, 'Blic' finds out. Judging by the so far course of consultations the parties seem to be far away from final agreement over the ...