Vladimir Goati: DOS cannot pass constitution

Blic - 18.01.2003

Belgrade - 'G17 Plus should be considered as a serious political party that has appeared on the political scene of Serbia. G17 Plus is new political party, but not new political force. It has serious chances to involve in the political fight', Vladimir Goati, Professor of Institute for social ...

Work on new constitution of Serbia must not be delayed

Blic - 16.01.2003

Belgrade - 'I talked with former Serbian president Milan Milutinovic twice in the last seven days. We agreed about important details regarding his going to The Hague having two things in mind. One is that his presidential mandate was finished in a democratic way and the other one is his really ...

Parliament session about proposal of Constitutional Charter not before

Blic - 14.01.2003

Belgrade - As 'Blic' daily finds out from high DOS source, the session of Serbian Parliament that would debate on the Constitutional Charter of the future union of Serbia and Montenegro will not be held before Thursday, January 16.

Charter cannot be passed without the Law

Blic - 13.01.2003

Belgrade - 'Passing of Constitutional Charter of Serbia and Montenegro without the Law for its implementation is not possible', Dragan Kujovic, one of the co-presidents of the Constitutional Commission from DPS said for 'Blic' daily.

Background of misunderstanding in Constitutional Commission - elimination

Blic - 13.01.2003

Belgrade - As 'Blic' daily finds out, Constitutional Charter of Serbia and Montenegro has been forwarded to republican parliaments although the Constitutional Commission has not voted on it first. Any valid decision by the Commission requires 18 votes.

Those losing their positions are obstructing Constitutional Charter

Blic - 13.01.2003

Belgrade - 'Those losing their positions at federal level are obstructing the work of Constitutional Commission that is working on the Law for implementation of Constitutional Charter of future union of Serbia and Montenegro', Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic said yesterday.