No agreement in any of the segments

Blic - 11.01.2002

Belgrade - As 'Blic' daily finds out from the sources close to expert teams, experts of federal, Serbian and Montenegrin teams have not reached agreement in any of the following spheres: economy, foreign policy and security. The fact that they made mutual reports means nothing because they ...

Wrong order to experts

Blic - 11.01.2002

Belgrade - 'European Union shall try to give its view of the problem, but I am not sure it is going to make strong pressure on those that will disagree with it', Srbobran Brankovic, director of Medium marketing agency said for 'Blic' daily.

Without agreement about constitutional issues

Blic - 10.01.2002

Belgrade - Expert teams of federal, Serbian and Montenegrin authorities have finished yesterday their work and made a report that will be forwarded to political representatives of federal, Serbian and Montenegrin authorities.

Experts are finalizing the job politicians make decision

Blic - 09.01.2002

Belgrade - 'We agreed at the latest meeting in Podgorica that we should try to bring into accordance experts' reports at today's meeting of expert groups. After that we shall see whether there will be only one or two reports. .