Elections swallowed billion Dollars

Blic - 22.11.2003

'The latest three invalid election cycles cost the state budget one billion Dollars', Marko Blagojevic spokesman of the Center for Free Elections and Democracy said. 'Polls conducted in the last 12 months show that passive stance of the citizens and unsettled lists of electors are not the main ...

Covic alone in elections

Blic - 22.11.2003

DA leader Nebojsa Covic said yesterday that the presidency of that party had accepted his proposal about independent participation of DA in parliamentary elections on December 28. The bearer of DA list consisting of 250 candidates will be DA leader Nebojsa Covic.

EU concerned about divisions in Serbia

Blic - 22.11.2003

High EU representative for foreign policy and security, Javier Solana and other European officials are concerned because of the outcome of the presidential elections in Serbia. They are also very much concerned about the dangerous division among the reform political parties.

Mihajlovic: Liberals of Serbia alone in elections

Blic - 20.11.2003

'Dusan Mihajlovic has never requested from Democratic Party or any other political party, or any official of any party to make any coalition with the Liberals of Serbia /LS/. Claim by alleged 'Blic' high source from DS that Mihajlovic will blackmail DS with some dirty affairs should DS refuse ...

USA disappointed

Blic - 19.11.2003

'USA is disappointed at the failure of presidential elections in Serbia. USA believes that the unchanged election census caused boycott of elections', USA Ambassador William Montgomery said. According to his opinion the result of presidential candidate of Serbian Radical Party should be interpreted ...

Milosevic and Seselj in election lists?

Blic - 19.11.2003

Slobodan Milosevic could be a bearer of the election list of the Socialist Party of Serbia, 'Blic' finds out from a source in that party. According to that source SPS vice president Milorad Vucelic is travelling to The Hague on Friday for final agreement with Milosevic.

Nobody wants Mihajlovic

Blic - 19.11.2003

As 'Blic' finds out from a high source in DOS it will depend on Democratic Party /DS/ how the political parties of the ruling coalition will participate in the forthcoming parliamentary elections. Our source claims that at this moment DC, GSS, SDP of Rasim Ljajic and SVM of Jozef Kasa are very ...

Bad election rules are problem

Blic - 19.11.2003

More than a month is ahead of parliamentary elections in Serbia. It is sure that election rules are not going to be changed. Even if this should be possible, there is nobody to do it since the Serbian Parliament has been dissolved.

'Otpor' in elections alone

Blic - 19.11.2003

'Otpor' Peoples Movement will become a political party today since representatives of this organization will submit request for registration in the list of political parties today. 'Otpor' shall compete alone in parliamentary elections called for December 28 'but is ready for agreement with all ...

DSS will not be in the Government with DS

Blic - 18.11.2003

'Democratic Party of Serbia will participate in the forthcoming parliamentary elections independently. Post-election coalitions are possible only with the parties that have not 'harmed' their reputation while in power', DSS vice president Dragan Marsicanin said.

State institutions to be rounded up

Blic - 17.11.2003

State officials and DOS leaders that voted yesterday expressed their assurance that Serbia would get the President. Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Zivkovic said that parliamentary elections called for December 28 would be held in less tension if the presidential elections would succeed.

Low turnout again

Blic - 17.11.2003

Until 17.00 the voter turnout in presidential elections in Serbia was 29.5 percent or 1,921000 electors. This means 200000 electors less than the last year. CeSid /Center for free elections and democracy/ announced these data shortly before closure of this issue.