The south left without money

Blic - 14.01.2005

Dissatisfaction in the south of Serbia is not the consequence of inter-ethnic relations, but judging by all, the consequence of the lack of money and conflict between political structures in Belgrade. President of Coordination Body for the south of Serbia Nebojsa Covic said for 'Blic' earlier that ...

Government invites Albanians to join Coordination Body

Blic - 14.01.2005

Serbia Government yesterday decided that the Coordination Body /KT/ for the south of Serbia would consist of representatives of all ministries. The Government expressed hope that representatives of Albanians would also find themselves in that body. 'That proposal is acceptable in principle.

James Lion: The south, internal issue of Serbia

Blic - 13.01.2005

International Crisis Group is of the opinion that international forces are not needed in the south of Serbia. 'That is an internal issue of Serbia and as long as the Government acts wisely, that is completely out of question', ICG representative in Belgrade James Lion said.

I leave if Army leaves the south of Serbia

Blic - 13.01.2005

Nebojsa Covic, president of Coordination Body for the south of Serbia claims for 'Blic' that this institution will be reformed as stipulated as early as in November 2003 by including mayors and municipalities in the south of Serbia in the work of that body.

South of Serbia peaceful yesterday

Blic - 12.01.2005

The situation in the south of Serbia was peaceful yesterday. President of Presevo municipality Ragmi Mustafa said for 'Blic' that in spite of rise of political and ethnic tensions that began two days ago, the political and security situation is not deteriorating.

Belgrade rejected requests by Albanians

Blic - 11.01.2005

Representatives of Belgrade authorities rejected requests by Albanians from the south of Serbia. In declaration passed at the session of Presevo municipality, Albanians requested stationing of international army or police forces in the south of Serbia and withdrawal of all members of ...