Officials claim: arrest - matter of days

Blic - 06.05.2006

'Mladic shall be arrested today, tomorrow or within couple of days at the latest', a source from the very top of the actual power said for 'Blic'. As we further finds out, Military Intelligence Agency /VBA/ has forwarded all information necessary for locating and arrest of Mladic long before end of ...

Police yesterday continued arresting Mladic's helpers

Blic - 06.05.2006

Yesterday's search for Ratko Mladic in Belgrade was the most thorough one until so far. The Police have also started checking several other locations believed to be used by the run away general Ratko Mladic. Among the arrested individuals, there is a musician Branimir Djokic who was member of Drina ...

I shall request Bulatovic and Jocic to be sacked

Blic - 06.05.2006

'Chiefs of security services and ministers of related ministries are responsible for the situation that Serbia is presently in and they have to face the responsibility for that', SCG Foreign Minister Vuk Draskovic said for 'Blic' after decision by EU to interrupt negotiations over stabilization and ...

Kostunica to sack Bulatovic, Kovac and Jocic

Blic - 05.05.2006

Shame on the Prime Minister and his Government because secret services failed to fulfil their task. Those who should work on locating and arresting of Ratko Mladic are actually protecting him. That is the only reason for which he cannot be located.

Carla Del Ponte: Kostunica tricked me, Mladic is in

Blic - 04.05.2006

'Serbia Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica tricked me when he promised to me in March that Ratko Mladic would be arrested until the end of April', Carla Del Ponte, Chief prosecutor of the Hague Tribunal said at press conference in The Hague.

Serbia Mladic's hostage

Blic - 04.05.2006

'European Union has interrupted negotiations with Serbia and Montenegro over stabilization and association because Serbia has failed to deliver Ratko Mladic to the Hague Tribunal', European Commissioner for enlargement Olli Rehn announced yesterday.

Kostunica: For the first time people are suffering

Blic - 04.05.2006

At this moment of crisis, Serbia Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica addressed the citizens of Serbia with an announcement only. 'We have stopped for a moment only because Ratko Mladic is not in The Hague. This is also the only reason for interruption of negotiations with EU.

Mladic blocking road towards EU

Blic - 03.05.2006

'Only miracle can save us and prevent interruption of negotiation over SCG association with EU', Miroljub Labus, Serbia Deputy Prime Minister said in Brussels yesterday after meeting with European Commissioner for enlargement Olli Rehn.