Foreign agents waiting Kostunica's call

Blic - 24.06.2006

Initiative by Serbia Foreign Minister Vuk Draskovic that foreign intelligence services join the pursuit for Ratko Mladic is as experts believe, only a trick by Belgrade aimed to hide the fact that the authorities in Serbia know very well where the most wanted war crimes suspect is hiding.

Diplomatic relations between Serbia and Montenegro

Blic - 23.06.2006

Serbia and Montenegro have established full diplomatic relations at the ambassador level. The Protocol on establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries was signed in Belgrade by Serbia and Montenegro Foreign Ministers Vuk Draskovic and Miodrag Vlahovic.

Diplomatic relations today

Blic - 22.06.2006

Serbia and Montenegro Foreign Ministers, Vuk Draskovic and Miodrag Vlahovic are to sign in Belgrade today protocol about setting up of diplomatic relations between the two ...

Draskovic: Tell us what we are not entitled to

Blic - 21.06.2006

Serbia Foreign Minister Vuk Draskovic said in Paris that 'only enforced decision by the powerful about proclamation of independent Kosovo in the territory of our country can turn off the European lights in Serbia'. 'The retrograde forces would then probably take over the power in Belgrade and for ...