Djindjic cannot be imitated

Blic - 13.03.2004

'Zoran Djindjic was a man of exceptional personality. Even if not assassinated, he would have become a historical person of Serbia', Desimir Tosic says for 'Blic'. Mr. Tosic was one of the leading persons of Democratic Party from September 1990.

Who issued order?

Blic - 12.03.2004

'The family of Zoran Djindjic believes that there must have been a political background of his assassination. Certain political circles were encouraging activities of Zemun gang. If a group of criminals decide to kill the Prime Minister, the logical question to be asked is as to who encouraged them ...

Philip Zepter: Last hours with Djindjic

Blic - 09.03.2004

Philip Zepter, one of the richest Serbs in the world, yesterday spoke exclusively for 'Blic' about political situation in Serbia, influence of capital on politics and participation of his company in privatization. 'That simply is not true.