Yugoslavia in OSCE

Blic - 11.11.2000

Vienna - OSCE Permanent Council admitted Yugoslavia to this international organization today. Yugoslav Foreign Minister Goran Svilanovic attended the admittance ceremony. He said that Yugoslavia understood this admittance as sign of support to democratic changes in Yugoslavia and its new ...

Army and Police leaderships to be changed nut not now

Blic - 10.11.2000

Strasbourg - Yesterday FR Yugoslavia submitted official request for admittance to the Council of Europe membership. The letter with such request, Chief of Yugoslav diplomacy Goran Svilanovic handed to Council Secretary General Walter Schwimmer at special ceremony organized for that occasion.

People of Serbia and Yugoslavia deserve support

Blic - 09.11.2000

Strasbourg - Yugoslav President Vojislav Kostunica shall attend today the session of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. Lord Russell Johnston, President of this Assembly will wish Kostunica welcome.

Yugoslav idea - dead project

Blic - 08.11.2000

Podgorica - Miodrag Vukovic, president of executive board of Democratic Party of Socialists said at tribune in Pljevlje 'that after democratic changes in Serbia, the issue regarding relations between Montenegro and Serbia has become acute'. According to him 'Yugoslav idea has become dead project'.

German aid 50 millions German marks

Blic - 08.11.2000

Belgrade - Chief of German diplomacy Joschka Fischer said yesterday that Germany was ready to 'establish full diplomatic relations with FR Yugoslavia as soon as possible'. In his discussions with DOS leaders he said Germany would provide aid to FR Yugoslavia in value of 50 millions German marks for ...

Yugoslav Army does not have institution of resignation

Blic - 07.11.2000

Belgrade - At the end of the week 'Blic' daily asked Chief-of-Staff of Yugoslav Army, General Nebojsa Pavkovic to reply to several questions referring to the session of Supreme Council of defense held in Podgorica last Wednesday.

Yugoslav request for admittance to OSCE

Blic - 07.11.2000

Belgrade - Austrian Foreign Minister and Chairwoman of OSCE, Benita Ferero Waldner confirmed yesterday to have received official letter from the President of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia containing request for Yugoslavia's admittance to OSCE.

New ambassadors in UN and Moscow

Blic - 06.11.2000

Belgrade - Goran Svilanovic, newly appointed Chief of Yugoslav diplomacy, announced formation of new administration for countries of former Yugoslavia in the sphere of federal Foreign Ministry. He further said that within a week or two Yugoslavia would establish diplomatic relations with USA, ...