We are impatient at waiting FR Yugoslavia's approach to the Council

Blic - 15.09.2001

Strasbourg - 'Less than a year after events in last October, I am coming to Belgrade with the message of friendship and support. Parliamentary Assembly is impatiently waiting the moment when Yugoslavia will approach the Council of Europe. I assure you that will happen, although I do not know when.

Yugoslav Army and Police to be allowed to return in Kosovo

Blic - 15.09.2001

Belgrade - Federal Government accepted Platform for participation of Yugoslav delegation at the forthcoming session of UN Security Council scheduled for Sept. 17 to 28. Nebojsa Covic, Chief of Coordination body for Kosovo will lead the delegation.

About Yugoslavia on September 19

Blic - 15.09.2001

Belgrade - Yugoslav President Vojislav Kostunica invited representatives of federal State, Serbia and Montenegro to begin discussions on state future of FR Yugoslavia and its republics in Belgrade on September 19, the statement from President's cabinet reads.

I am not pessimist about survival of Yugoslavia

Blic - 14.09.2001

Belgrade - 'I am not big pessimist regarding forthcoming talks about the future of Yugoslavia', Yugoslav President Vojislav Kostunica said in his interview with Radio France International. 'In case the talks fail, the process in which Montenegrin citizens are to vote on the state status of ...

Slobodan Samardzic, Advisor to Yugoslav President for

Blic - 13.09.2001

'The circumstances in Montenegro are such that the leading party cannot so fiercely support independence. The public opinion in this Republic is changing in favor of federation'. 'In such case DPS will expose both Montenegro and its party to serious circumstances.

Reforms of Yugoslav Army after settlement of relations within Yugoslavia

Blic - 12.09.2001

Podgorica - The third session of the Supreme Council of Defense chaired by Yugoslav President Vojislav Kostunica was held in Podogirca yesterday. 'The Supreme Council of Defense debated on actual political-security situation in the country and surrounding and tendencies in its further development.

Serbia-Montenegro relations to be improved

Blic - 12.09.2001

Podgorica - Yugoslav President Vojislav Kostunica and Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic agreed in Podgorica yesterday that Serbia-Montenegro relations were not at satisfactory level and that they should be improved 'by democratic scenario in political manner'.

Meeting of Supreme Council of Defense today

Blic - 11.09.2001

Podgorica - Yugoslav President Vojislav Kostunica called for today in Podgorica meeting of the Supreme Council of Defense. The session will begin at noon in 'Gorica' villa. As information from Kostunica's military cabinet reads, 'Supreme Council of Defense shall discuss political and security ...

Montenegrin Prime Minister: Negotiations with federal authorities, too

Blic - 11.09.2001

Podgorica - Montenegrin Prime Minister Filip Vujanovic said in his interview with 'Blic' daily that discussions about new Montenegro-Serbia relations had to be led between the constituents of the federal state, Montenegro and Serbia.