Elections will not succeed

Blic - 20.09.2003

Presidential elections in Serbia will be held for the third time in just one year because in the previous two cycles the census of 50 per cent of the total number of registered electors that went to the polls had not been surpassed.

Opposition against Pelevic's initiative

Blic - 20.09.2003

The Party of Serbian Unity /SSJ/ yesterday sent a letter to all opposition leaders with proposal to boycott presidential elections in Serbia or to have one mutual candidate. 'For DSS there are simply no presidential elections.

Elections will not be postponed

Blic - 19.09.2003

The Constitutional Court of Serbia yesterday ruled as unconstitutional provision of the Law on election of the President of Serbia according to which Serbian Parliament Speaker is deciding within 60 days after failed elections about calling of new ones.

Tomislav Nikolic started the first

Blic - 19.09.2003

Serbian Radical Party yesterday accepted proposal by its leader Vojislav Seselj presently in detention of the Hague Tribunal that SRS participate in the forthcoming presidential elections with candidate Tomislav Nikolic, deputy to SRS president.

Natasa Micic: Serbia needs president

Blic - 18.09.2003

Serbian Parliament Speaker and also Acting President of Serbia Natasa Micic has called presidential elections that will be held on Sunday, November 16, 2003. Addressing the citizens of Serbia, Micic said that she had connected calling of elections with passing of the new constitution of Serbia.

Constitutional Court of Serbia about the census

Blic - 18.09.2003

The Constitutional Court of Serbia has scheduled its session for today in order to decide about the constitutional accordance of the Law on election of the President of Serbia, including the provision that refers to the electoral census.

Five-year mandate

Blic - 18.09.2003

'Presidential elections in Serbia called for November 16, 2003 are not nonsense', Marko Blagojevic, spokesperson of CeSid /Center for free elections and democracy/ said. 'According to the Constitution in force, the presidential mandate is five years 'unless something unexpected happens'.

Together or boycott?

Blic - 18.09.2003

Deputy to president of Serbian Radical Party, Tomislav Nikolic said that SRS would take part in the elections and that he would be the presidential candidate of that party. Serbian renewal Movement issued statement according to which all opposition parties should boycott presidential elections ...

Elections in the middle of November

Blic - 17.09.2003

Presidential elections in Serbia will most likely be held at the end of November, 'Blic' finds out from a high DOS source. According to the law in force, from the date when elections are called until the date when they are to be held, there could be not less than 30 or more than 90 days.

Two per cent census

Blic - 16.09.2003

If participants of the future early or regular electoral race for the seats in Serbian Parliament want elections to be fair and honest, the rules according to which this race is to be run have to be determined until the end of this year.

DSS: All roads leading to Government

Blic - 16.09.2003

'Serbian Parliament is neither legitimate nor legal. The only possible legitimate and legal agreement is agreement about early parliamentary elections', Dejan Mihajlov, chief of DSS deputies in Serbian Parliament says. 'After early elections and passing of new Constitution, general elections should ...

Serbia needs president

Blic - 15.09.2003

'DOS Presidency is to meet tomorrow to discuss call of presidential elections in Serbia', Dragoljub Micunovic, DC leader and also Serbia and Montenegro Parliament Speaker said. 'One of the most important points on agenda will be election of candidates for presidential elections', Micunovic said in ...