Doctor warns pandemic spreading, not easing across Serbia

N1 - 24.11.2020

Serbian pandemic Crisis Staff doctor Srdja Jankovic warned on Tuesday that the pandemic “is not easing but spreading”, adding that the focus should be on the strict enforcement on prevention measures. Jankovic told the Serbian state TV (RTS) that the new measures will be in ...

Dr. Kon claims: We can no longer know who is infected and who is not

BizLife - 24.11.2020

Epidemiologist Dr. Predrag Kon has said that the presence of the virus is huge and that we cannot know who is contagious and who is not. He added that the number of the infected was much higher. “That number can easily be multiplied by ten in our country.

Serbian minister says prevention measures should not be enforced in institutions

N1 - 23.11.2020

Serbian Culture Minister Maja Gojkovic said on Monday that institutions of culture across the country should not be forced to implement the pandemic prevention measures that are due to take effect on Tuesday, claiming they are not an infection hazard.

Epidemiologist says coronavirus could close schools soon

N1 - 23.11.2020

Serbian Epidemiologist Srdja Jankovic said on Monday that there is no need to close schools at present but added that the moment is close when classes will have to be taught online. The government Crisis Staff doctor said that he can’t say exactly when all schools in Serbia will ...